Visual, Memorable and Strong

Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds.
Your brand design, and vision, is what shapes your company. Your Brand has to be memorable and encompasses the personality of the business. Remember that your brand is the first thing a potential client sees.

At Desual Marketing we partner with you to create a strong brand identity that takes your business to the next level. Who you are as a brand is made up of a few key elements:

  • Your mission (what’s your “why?”)
  • Your values (what beliefs drive your company?)
  • Your brand personality (if your brand was a person, what kind of personality would they have?)
  • Your unique positioning (how do you differentiate yourself from the competition?)
  • Your brand voice (if your brand was a person, how would it communicate?)

Logo Design

Creating your logo is just one small step toward developing a strong brand identity. We partner with you to help you create your custom logo that captures the eye of prospects and describe your business without saying a word.

Business Card, Stationery Zoom Backgrounds, and Email Signature

Get a polished business look. Help your customers, and prospects, see your professionalism. Your email signature, business card, and Zoom background may not make you look as professional as you think. The newfound importance of how we are perceived virtually really do matter.

Your business card, Zoom background, and email signature is the perfect opportunity to brand every message you send. In addition, who you are as a company is constantly being reinforced and established.

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