Small Business Marketing: Telling Your Story

Against your competition in trying times – content marketing has become more essential than ever. Curating magnificent content from your brand’s story, products, services, or other fascinating feats, creates engagement like no other. 

More importantly – it helps your small business build a following and increase conversion rates so your venture can stay afloat.

Here are a few reasons why content marketing is so significant for your small business:

  1. It tells a story for your organization.

There’s nothing more an audience loves than a good story for your brand. Telling tales of how your small business came to fruition, what inspired its beginnings and how it’s developing keeps people intrigued. 

Creating an engaging story around your entity and trickling it through mailers will build a more loyal following.

  1. Create strong relationships with your customers.

How do sales grow? Through repeat customers. How do you gain repeat customers? By creating a strong relationship with your esteemed audience. 

It’s a known fact that nearly half of small businesses’ revenue comes from returning clients. Content marketing is essential to building rapport and creating an iron-bound trust between you and your customer.

  1. Increase your chances of conversion.

Content marketing builds bridges to conversion – the numbers don’t lie! Statistics say that a small business is over 6 times more likely to convert on a customer with a steady stream of good content. 

Whether it’s instructional videos, a weekly newsletter, or a coupon through the door – sales are very likely to increase with a content marketing campaign.

  1. Get your business ahead of the competition.

More small businesses are cropping up as a result of the challenging times. They are all vying for customer attention, and it’s more than likely that your brand will have some competition. 

Effective content marketing can help your business stand out amongst your competitors, facilitating why they should purchase your products or services over others.

  1. Learn more about your customer and their needs.

Content marketing campaigns can yield invaluable data for your small business. Small undertakings such as mailers can help you understand who is interacting with your content and how they perceive value in what you are offering. 

Content marketing helps create target demographics and vastly increases the chances of conversion. Marketers are always looking for better list-building practices – and content marketing assists in a big way.

  1. Create a strong brand for your business.

People love good stories and content they can share amongst their peers. Creating great content – whether it’s in your inbox, social media page, or posted through a door – only strengthens your brand identity. 

Strong brands are built around content that customers continue to value as inspiring, educational, or engaging.

  1. An audience loves quality content.

People consume a lot of content daily. Not all of it is great – but when it is, it can really help captivate an audience and build a following for your brand. 

If you can convey even a sense of intrigue through content marketing – customers will start heading your way. A simple postcard can even yield a great response!

  1. Build trust around your offerings.

Audiences that continually engage with content are much more likely to trust your small business. If you are offering them content to enjoy – customers will be assured that your brand resonates quality. 

People won’t usually want to buy something from a business they never heard of – making content marketing all the more essential.

  1. Get better returns on investment.

One of the most significant positives about content marketing for small businesses is that it’s much cheaper than other advertising forms. 

Mailers, social media posts, postcards, and newsletters provide a budget-friendly means of bringing attention to your brand. Not to mention – increased conversion rates!

  1. Build foundations for your overall marketing strategy

Content marketing is one of the most versatile strategies a small business can adopt. Great content can translate to various platforms, both physical and digital. 

Perhaps you are undertaking a campaign to thank customers for purchasing products in the past? You can slip both discount coupons through a door or drop a digital checkout reduction code in an email. 

Possibilities are endless, and more importantly – they don’t cost too much!


Convinced why content marketing is so essential for small businesses, yet? The ways it can be used, the creativity it can feature, and the competitiveness it delivers can bring some rewarding outcomes for your business. 

Even during these challenging times, your brand can see growth. If you think that your business may hit a snag – delivering captivating content for an audience is the way to go. It’s easy to get started and barely costs anything!