How List-Based Direct Mailing Benefits Your Marketing Campaign

Every business is looking to improve on its conversion rates. Digital and physical marketing both are essential practices in garnering client attention. Often, campaigns will initiate that cover a broad spectrum of demographics.

Younger brands tend to focus on social media and email channels, trying to reach as many people as possible. While it’s common to believe this would lead to better sales – the benefits of targeted list lead creation shouldn’t be forgotten. Pairing it with the age-old art of direct mailing creates the practice of ‘list-based direct mailing.’

Believe us – it works. Very well, in fact. We’ll explain a little about the process and why it is beneficial to your brand. More importantly, how it can gauge a path to company success.

What is List-Based Direct Mailing?

List-based direct mailing is what it sounds like. Following its namesake – the practice is creating a list of prospective customers to target physical content. This material can be exclusive offers, new product introductions, personal communication, and anything that will fit into a prospect’s mailbox. The process helps target your local market area and showcase why your products and services are competitive in a readable format.

In the digital age, many startups and companies in their infancy question the viability of direct mailing. The reality is that it is still one of the most rewarding marketing practices – considering the high level of engagement that follows. If you already have an idea of the people that interact with your brand, you are well on your way to creating a targeted lead list.

10 Reasons Why List-Based Direct Mailing Will Increase Your Chances of Success

List-based direct mail marketing may seem like a meticulous and tedious process. Really, it is simple – and a lot of fun can be had with it. Better yet, curating lists of the exclusive clientele can yield very positive results for your business. Here are 10 reasons why list-based direct mailing will increase your brand’s chances of success.

  1. More targeted audiences open and read direct mail.

Making a list of anybody that has interacted with your brand can build on an already remarkable statistic. Over 53% of people in the United States read every piece of direct mail that comes through their door – and would increase by delivering to known engagers of your business. Slipping them some physical content will assure you if it is seen.

  1. Creating a list helps target your local market area.

List-building around your local market helps acknowledge how your marketing campaign will be targeted. Knowing the persons on your list share common interests such as locality wants and desired solutions to problems. This information allows direct mail to become a lot more personalized and advantageous to your brand.

  1. Lists create familiarity with your customers.

Creating a list of responsive customers and always including them in your direct mailing campaigns build rapport. There can be some great exchanges between the target person and your brand, making your company a familiar and trusted face. This will exponentially increase the likelihood of these audiences using your products or services repeatedly.

  1. They help your direct mail become more personally tailored to their needs.

When you create lists of prospective clients, it lets marketers and designers know the people for who they are crafting a direct mailing campaign. They can personalize each piece with names, products, or services that have sparked their interest before and other personal feats that will grab attention. Audiences are more likely to respond to something tailored to them.

  1. Lists for direct mail campaigns allow more room to be creative.

Have a refined idea of your customer? The creative potential of your direct mail campaign is nearly limitless. Taking shots in the dark, dropping mail in anybody’s door won’t capitalize on your brand as you’ll need to be general. Creating a list-based direct mailing campaign will facilitate content that you know recipients will love.

  1. Knowing your targeted customer is more cost-effective.

Initiating a direct mailing campaign for a broad audience can cost a lot more than your budget allows and returns less than adequate outcomes. Targeted list lead creation defines the number of people you will deliver to and minimize the design and printing process for mail. Knowing who you are mailing will significantly reduce costs.

  1. Lists for direct mail campaigns help better response data.

Creating lists for direct mail campaigns not only targets the audience the product and service are for – but you can get some valuable data. Performance, conversion rates, marketing channels, and more are just some of the statistics that can follow-up the demographic. It can help shape future marketing campaigns – both physical and digital.

  1. Prospective lists facilitate how to fulfill customer sales with excellent service.

Further data that returns from list-based direct mail marketing predicting when there will be an uptick in sales or interest to your business. Once a targeted campaign goes out – you can expect that your listed clients will respond. Your team will be ready and prepared to fulfill interests with sublime service. Unexpected interest in your company is fantastic. However, it may get overwhelming if you’re staff aren’t prepared to handle demand!

  1. List-based direct mailing is very easy to do.

There are several factors and buzzwords in a list-based direct mailing campaign that makes it look complicated. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. It’s simply curating a list of who is currently interacting with your brand on physical and digital channels and sending mailed content to their homes. The practice is simple and effective.

  1. Conversion rates tend to increase more with list-based direct mailing.

Knowing that a listed person has communicated with your brand on a couple occasions will almost assuredly mean they will interact again. The strength of direct mailing campaigns paired with a targeted list undoubtedly will help increase conversion rates. Furthermore, the targeted leads can be transferred across different marketing channels.

Get Your List-Based Direct Mailing Marketing Campaign Going Today!

The statistics and research back the notion that direct mail marketing is one of the most effective conversion methods available. Making a list to target and refine your audience channels colossal potential for your business. It’s easy to get going and help accomplish your brand’s goals. If you’re still not sure how to initiate your list-based direct mailing campaign – we can help!

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