As work situations have gone remote, e-mail has become even more vital for communication. So make sure your e-mail habits are good.

• Rethink Your Subject Line. Tell the recipient as much as possible in as few words as manageable and make sure to let the recipient know if any action is needed on their part.

• Establish Addressing Rules. It’s annoying to be copied on an endless series of e-mail replies. Establish team rules about who needs to pay attention to which e-mails by properly utilizing the “To” and “CC” fields.

• Use Caution When BCC-ing. Blind copying people on e-mails comes across as sneaky. Refrain from it as much as possible. Only use it for bulk e-mails or when you want to politely drop someone from a chain they no longer need.

• Don’t Draw Things Out. If you can’t resolve something in three e-mails or less, it’s time to pick up the phone. Sometimes e-mail just doesn’t work.

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